10th Annual SuperPool!

This pool will have LOTS-O-WINNERS!


Entry Details:

-- You may purchase either a full box for $100 or a half box for $50.

-- First come first serve on box locations

-- Payment: Paypal (thomford@gmail.com) or cash accepted prior to game.

-- Numbers will be drawn on the Friday before game day at 5pm (or before if the box fills before then)


Payouts are as follows (based on a $9,000 pool if sold out):

10% of the pool will be set aside for a charitable contribution, supporting the Anthony Wayne High School Music Program. (actual donated contribution will be larger, approximately $1500, to compensate for tax write-off benefit)

9% of pot for 1st Quarter final score ($900 if squares are sold out)

9% of pot for 2nd Quarter final score

9% of pot for 3rd Quarter final score

9% of pot for 4th Quarter final score (not including overtime)

9% of pot for final score of game

*if there is no OT, then 4th qtr gets 18% of the pot!!!

Balance of pot (45%) is divided by number of score changes. Thus, every time the score changes, there is a winner. For example, NFC team scores a touchdown, the score is 6-0 = payout. extra point, now the score is 7-0 = payout. Every score change pays $$$ plus zero to zero at beginning of the game. So, if you draw (0,0) as your number, you're a guaranteed winner. In the event all squares are not purchased and winning square is blank the following applies: Quarterly winner and game final winner blanks will be contributed to 'balance of pot' for score change payouts. Score change winner will not be included in total score changes. Sound confusing? It is, so let's buy up all the squares!!!


How To Sign Up:

This year we have a new method of signing up. Below is a link to the google doc I will be using for folks to sign up. Please be mindful if it shows others editing a given cell (don't overwrite). If needed, I will use the revision history to help me determine if someone had a square reserved and was inadvertently overwritten. Please use your real name so I know who is signing up.

Sign Up Spreadsheet


How The Numbers Will Be Drawn:

Step 1: Picking the teams. On Friday before the game, I will look at the closing price of the S&P 500. If the last digit is odd (the single cents digit), the AFC team will be on the left side (representing the pool's rows). If the last digit is even, the NFC team will be on the left side. (Ex. If the S&P 500 closed at 1501.90, the the NFC team would have been on the left side).


Step 2: Picking the numbers for the rows. I will use the following site to generate the numbers from top to bottom for the rows: http://www.random.org/sequences/?mode=advanced. I will use the closing price of the DOW on Friday before the game to seed the persistent identifier field and generate a random list of numbers between 0 and 9 (top to bottom). The value will be entered to two decimal places without the decimal point (Ex. 1046.78 would be entered as 104678)


Step 3: Picking the numbers for the columns (left to right). I will use the same method as in step 2. However, I will use the closing price of the NASDAQ the Friday before the game to seed the persistent identifier field.



Other Notes:

-- Feel free to buy boxes and resell sub-pieces. However, all redistribution transactions are your responsibility. Only the one named owner will be paid.


Good Luck,

Unnamed Superbowl Pool Administrator of the Norse Persuasion


Current (read-only) pool grid:

2016 Superpool Charitable Contribution

With the support of this pool, last year we were able to buy the AWHS General's Staff Jazz Band two new guitars and an amp.

General's Staff Jazz Band
General's Staff Jazz Band - Guitars & Amp

The Big Pool is Full! So, now we open The Baby Pool!

The Big Pool filled up with a week still to go. So, we're starting a baby pool to invite broad participation and make room for latecomers to still participate. Here is what you need to know:

-- Each box is $20. Other than that, the draw rules and payout formula are identical to The Big Pool.
-- The Baby Pool closes at 5pm on Friday before the game (unless if fills before then).
-- Sign Up Here (see the "Baby Pool" tab in the workbook): Baby Pool Sign-Up